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Get historical price candles for a mutual fund.


This endpoint will be live on May 1, 2024. Before May 1, use the stocks/candles endpoint to query mutual fund candles.




Request Example

Response Example


Request Parameters

  • resolution string

    The duration of each candle.

    • Daily Resolutions: (daily, D, 1D, 2D, ...)
    • Weekly Resolutions: (weekly, W, 1W, 2W, ...)
    • Monthly Resolutions: (monthly, M, 1M, 2M, ...)
    • Yearly Resolutions:(yearly, Y, 1Y, 2Y, ...)
  • symbol string

    The mutual fund's ticker symbol.

  • from date

    The leftmost candle on a chart (inclusive). If you use countback, to is not required. Accepted timestamp inputs: ISO 8601, unix, spreadsheet.

  • to date

    The rightmost candle on a chart (inclusive). Accepted timestamp inputs: ISO 8601, unix, spreadsheet.

  • countback number

    Will fetch a number of candles before (to the left of) to. If you use from, countback is not required.

Response Attributes

  • s string

    ll always be ok when there is data for the candles requested.

  • o array[number]

    Open price.

  • h array[number]

    High price.

  • l array[number]

    Low price.

  • c array[number]

    Close price.

  • t array[number]

    Candle time (Unix timestamp, Eastern Time Zone). Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly candles are returned without times.