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Get the past, present, or future status for a stock market for a single date or multiple dates. The formula will respond with "open" for trading days or "closed" for weekends or market holidays.

Sample Usage



=MARKETSTATUS(country, [attributes], start date, end date)
  • country (OPTIONAL) The two-letter country code. Currently only the US is supported.

  • [attributes] (OPTIONAL) Use one or more of the following attributes:

    • "date" – The date that the market was either open or closed.
    • "status" – The status of the market, either open or closed.
    • "all" – Returns all values.
  • start date (OPTIONAL) The start date when fetching the market's status. If start date is specified, but end date is not, only the single day’s data is returned.

  • end date (OPTIONAL) The end date when fetching the market's status, or the number of calendar days (not trading days) from the start date from which to return data.


  • All parameters must be enclosed in quotation marks or be references to cells containing text. A possible exception is when end date is specified as a number of days.