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Last Update: February 8, 2024

How To Use The Google Finance API in 2024

The Google Finance API allowed users to query market data and portfolio data until it was shutdown. Learn how to use Google's finance data today.

Unfortunately, the Google Finance API was shutdown permanently on October 20, 2012 after being depreciated on May 26, 2011. Google Finance was unique because unlike the Yahoo Finance API, which provided only market data, Google also provided portfolio management capabilities. Users could create and query portfolios, track performance, and integrate their Google portfolios with third party apps and websites through the use of this API. It was famously robust was one of the few APIs to stay up during the flash crash on May 6, 2010.

How To Use The Google Finance API in 2023?

Google still offers financial data for use Google Sheets spreadsheets through the use of the GOOGLEFINANCE formula, but the API is no longer available to users. If you are interested in using Google’s financial data, learning about the GOOGLEFINANCE formula is the best way to access this data.

Why Was The Google Finance API Shutdown?

Google Finance ShutdownAccording to the Google Finance API Product Manager, there were problems that prevented “a meaningful ecosystem from growing around the API. We also realized that we could serve more people better by integrating the data into other Google products rather than requiring them to write code to access the data.” 

What Are The Alternatives in 2023?

If you need market data for U.S. markets, the Market Data API is a great alternative. While we don’t offer the portfolio management features that the Google Finance API offered, our API offers both historical and real-time pricing data. You can get real-time stock quotes, options quotes, and index quotes. Historical stock candles going back decades is available for both daily and intraday.

Market Data offers paid plans starting at $9 per month for daily 10,000 API calls.

What Free Alternatives Are Available?

Market Data’s Free Forever plan lets you make 100 API calls per day. This plan is available to all users and there is no expiration date; it is not a free trial, but rather a permanent free plan. If you only need to track a few tickers this is going to be the easiest option. You can also sign up for our Starter or Trader trial plans and take a test drive of the paid service. This will give you up to 50,000 daily API calls for an entire month — no credit card required. If you’re looking to jump in and get started as fast as possible, this is your best option.

If you need larger quantities of data on a daily basis and absolutely don’t want to pay anything ever, try the Yahoo Finance API. It is more complex to use than Market Data and will require more work on your part, but we’ve prepared a guide to help you get started.

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