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Last Update: May 23, 2024

How To Use The Mutual Fund API

Learn by example and get started with the mutual fund api. Get candlestick and pricing data going back decades.

Market Data introduces a comprehensive mutual funds API designed to provide easy access to daily historical mutual fund data through our API. This data is crucial for creating detailed mutual fund charts, hence our API delivers data in the OHLC candlestick format to ensure compatibility with leading charting tools like TradingView.

Explore the API by clicking on any of the examples below to see it in action. Access data for Vanguard’s S&P 500 VFINX mutual fund without any need for authentication. There’s no requirement for an account to begin; simply register for free when you’re ready to explore additional mutual funds.

In this post, all API example links use the dateformat=timestamp setting for clearer browser viewing. The default format remains unix time, however.

Custom Aggregation for Mutual Fund Data

Our API allows for custom time frame aggregates beyond the standard resolutions daily, etc. Whether you need daily, weekly, or even broader spans like bi-weekly or monthly, our API can handle it. Specify the aggregates as needed.

For daily resolutions use a use ‘D’ (e.g., D or 2D);  ‘W’ and ‘M’ are used for weekly and monthly, respectively.

Advanced Date Handling in Our Mutual Funds API

The API supports various features to handle dates efficiently and that make your life easier.

Define Specific Date Ranges for Data Retrieval

Typically, users request mutual fund data between specific dates. Use the ‘from’ and ‘to’ parameters to define these dates. The API delivers data starting from the ‘from’ date up to, and including, the ‘to’ date.

Use the ‘countback’ Option for A Fixed Number of Candles

When you’re charting and want to display a fixed number of candles in the viewport, this is the option to reach for. Add the end date and use countback to get a specific number of previous candles. This flexibility is invaluable for applications not tied to specific dates, but need to fill the screen with a specific number of candles.

Modern Date Features for Real-Time Data

Use intuitive date words like “today” and “yesterday” to make your API queries automatically update with the latest data. Our full list of supported date words is in the documentation.

Download Mutual Fund Data as a CSV File

Need the mutual fund data in a spreadsheet? Add ‘format=csv’ to your API request to download a CSV file that can be imported directly into spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Apple’s Numbers. If you use Google Sheets, we recommend you use our Sheets Add-on.

Set ‘dateformat’ to ‘spreadsheet’ to have dates formatted suitably for spreadsheets right away.

Start Using the Mutual Funds API for Free

Begin immediately with the VFINX mutual fund. When you’re ready, sign-up for a free trial account to explore other tickers. No credit card is needed and if you decide not to buy, you’ll still get a free account with 100 requests per day for free at the end of your trial period.

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