Google Sheets

Easily download current and historical stock, options, and index prices directly into Google Sheets with a simple formula. It’s as intuitive as the GoogleFinance formula, ensuring a smooth transition.

Market Data’s free Sheets Add-on is the ideal tool for stock and options traders.

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The Easiest Way To Get Data

Free For All Market Data Users

The Market Data Google Sheets Add-On is completely free and included as part of your Market Data subscription.

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Official Google Sheets Add-On

Connect Market Data with any of your existing Google Sheets.

Video Tutorials

YouTube tutorials to teach you step by step how to use our formulas.

Real-Time Prices

Use simple formulas to easily download real-time stock, options, and index prices into your sheet.

15+ Years of Historical Data

Backtest your strategies with 15 years of historical data.


Historical Intraday Stock Prices Down To The Minute

Break free from daily candlesticks with intraday stock prices in whatever time resolution you need, from one minute on up.

Market Data makes it easy to backtest and model intraday trades with a simple formula to obtain historical intraday prices.

GoogleFinance vs. Market Data

GoogleFinance offers no options data. It offers daily or weekly stock data only. And index data is extremely limited.

Market Data’s offering gives you current and historic options quotes going back 15+ years. Get intraday stock prices down to the minute. Get 1, 5, 15-minute prices, or use any custom interval you like.

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