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Last Update: March 3, 2024

How To Get Real-Time Stock Prices in Google Sheets

The GOOGLEFINANCE formula gives 15-min delayed stock prices. Get real-time stock prices into Google Sheets using the STOCKDATA formula.

Anyone who uses Google Sheets to track stocks has used the GOOGLEFINANCE formula to get 15-minute delayed stock prices. Even though Google doesn’t offer real-time stock prices through the GOOGLEFINANCE formula, it is possible to get real-time prices using the STOCKDATA formula by using Market Data’s Google Sheets Add-On. Unlike an outdated midpoint stock price, the STOCKDATA formula will provide you with a real-time price in a single cell or a full level 1 quote with bid and ask prices along with volume, bid size, ask size, last trade, etc.

Watch How Easy It Is To Get Real-Time Stock Quotes In Your Google Sheet

Real-Time Level 1 Stock Quote Table For Google Sheets

One popular option to better organize your spreadsheet is to build a real-time level 1 quote table for all the stocks you need prices from. In a single sheet inside your Google Spreadsheet you can put all your real-time prices and then you can then use cell references from this sheet to populate your other formulas with bid/ask data as needed.

You can use the noheaders option when you want to group multiple quotes in a single table, usually using cell references. This allows you to put all your option symbols in a single column and the STOCKDATA formula will generate detailed level 1 quotes next to them. Add the first row normally with headers and then on each each subsequent row use the noheaders option to make a table populated with level 1 quotes.

This is especially useful for users who are using Market Data’s Free Forever Plan. Since you only get 100 prices per day, you can build a real-time quote table and then use a VLOOKUP formula to lookup the price in this table and populate other cells in the same spreadsheet with quotes from this table, rather than making multiple API calls to Market Data’s servers.

Real-Time Stock Prices Formula Guide

Use this quick guide to copy and paste these examples into your own Google Sheet to quickly begin building your formulas.

  • Real-Time Midpoint Stock Quote
  • Real-Time Full Level 1 Stock Quote
    • =STOCKDATA("AAPL","all")
  • Real-Time Full Level 1 Stock Quote With No Header Rows
    • =STOCKDATA("AAPL","all,noheaders")
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