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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Yes, we encourage you to do so. Each data product includes a sample file with a complete daily data file in CSV format. You may download this file for evaluation.

We probably have the symbol you are looking for. You can download our complete list of stock tickers if you are interested in our stock dataset or our complete list of underlying tickers if you are looking for our options coverage. If the ticker you are looking for is included on that page, that means it is covered in ou data set.

We also encourage you to download our sample files for any of the years that your symbol has been trading and you can see a complete day of actual data.

Yes we do. If you are looking for a specific ticker, please download our complete list of stock tickers to see if the tickers you need are included.

Remember, we also offer a complete daily sample file for every year in our dataset. This allows you to sample a complete representation of the data you will receive upon purchase.

No. All data is reported “as traded.” If you are looking to do analysis over long periods of time, you will need to adjust the data for splits and/or dividends based on your needs.

We do plan to offer split and dividend-adjusted data in the near future. This data will be available to our bulk data customers as a free upgrade to the data they have already purchased.

For example, if you purchase the 2020 stock data, you will given access to the 2020 adjusted data file immediately — and at no additional charge — as soon as we begin to offer adjusted data.

Our data set is composed of candles (stocks) and quotes (options).

However, we will be offering corporate actions (splits, earnings & dividends) very soon. Customers of our stock bundle packages will be given access to this data at no additional charge as soon it is available.

No. OHLC candles are not useful for options since options are thinly traded compared to stocks. It is much more useful to build your trading and analysis applications using quote data, since the quote is a better representation of the option’s actual price.

Our options data is includes a full level 1 quote, which includes bid/ask prices along with the quantity of each. We highly recommend you download some of our sample files, they are very detailed.

Not at this time. But greeks are in our pipeline and are coming soon. As soon as greeks are available, they will be available as a free download for all our bulk data customers.

No. We only carry daily quotes for options and we have no plans of offering intraday quotes.

It means you will have access to your purchased dataset and all improvements/additions we make to the dataset for as long as we offer bulk data purchases.

For example, if you purchase the 2020 stock dataset and we later add tick data or VWAP, you will receive the additional 2020 data free of charge.

If you purchase an options dataset, you will be automatically upgraded to a dataset with greeks as soon as that data is available. All improvements to our data is included in your purchase at no additional cost to you.

All sales are final. Our data store includes a daily sample file for each product available for sale. This sample file is offered to allow you to inspect our data for quality, completeness, and compatibility before making a purchase. Please take as long as you need to evaluate our offering before making a purchase. Since our the data is delivered to you unencrypted and without any DRM limitations, there is no practical way to “return” the data or eliminate your access to it once you have downloaded it. This is why once a purchase has been made, we cannot offer full or partial refunds.